I'm a junior at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute studying Computer Science and Information Technology & Web Science.

RPI Campus


Here are some organizations I'm apart of...


These are some projects that I've either created myself, or contribute to...

  • Shuttle Signups — A web interface that simplifies the process of signing up for weekend special shuttles at RPI.
  • Shuttle Tracker — A web interface for tracking shuttles at RPI.
  • UnknownTo Me — Google Maps for the rest of everything (bathrooms, vending machines, etc...)
  • Charmfind — A website that crowdsources information on which dining halls at RPI have Lucky Charms.
  • Compile — A mobile applicaton for managing contacts that automatically updates with the latest information provided by a contact.

In case you wanted all of that in one convenient PDF, here's my résumé...